The training facility is available for member use when not being used for classes or outside rentals. All members must contact Stan (Don Stanislawski) prior to using the building to determine if it is available and to get a key, if necessary.

Stan’s phone numbers: home 722-8536 and cell: 850-3927

All members must sign up on one of the clip boards located on the bulletin board in each room. Place fees in an envelope labeled with your name and the date and place in the locked can behind the door in the office.

If a member uses the building with a non-member, it is the responsibility of the member to have the non-member sign a waiver form (located near sign-in on bulletin boards and also in the office). Please put the signed waiver in the envelope with your fees.

Vacuum when you are done. No one should leave the building worse than the way they found it. Remember that it is a privilege to be able to use such a nice facility to train our dogs.

Reminder: use of the building is to be for training purposes only. It is not an exercise yard. No fetch or ball retrieving should be done in the building. Use the outside yard for this type of activity.


$5.00/hour per membership

Single membership $5.00 per person

Household membership $5.00 per household

$10.00/hour per non-member

All non-members must also sign a waiver

Junior members free

Must be accompanied by parent or legal guardian

Active trainers free

Must be teaching during the current class session

Be sure to sign in on the clipboard

Put money & waiver in locked can in the office

Vacuum before you leave