Nose Work class descriptions

Level 1 — Intro to Nose Work

Dogs are introduced to the box drill to build drive. Correct technique for rewarding dog is taught. Pooling and channeling of odor are discussed.   Threshold (start) and finish protocol techniques are taught. This class uses high-value treats to build odor obedience and drive. Handlers will learn how to identify when their dog is at source.

REQUIREMENT: Dog should be at least 6 months old. Dog should also be crate-trained, as they must wait their working turns in their crate during class. No obedience training is needed. Reactive, handicapped/disabled and senior dogs are welcome!

Level 2 — Intro to Scent (Birch)

Dog is introduced to Birch Scent. Training begins paired with treats, evolves to just scent.

More leash handling skills are introduced. Container and interior search techniques will be taught.

Elevated hides, threshold and end of search protocols are reinforced.

Team (dog and handler) will experience ORT (odor recognition test) procedures, in the event that they want to pursue an ORT.

REQUIREMENT: Dog/handler team must have completed Intro to Nose Work.

Level 3 — Vehicles & Exteriors

Working dogs on vehicles and exterior environments. All dogs MUST be on Birch Scent.

Class work will be done outside, rain or shine. Dogs will be crated in their own vehicle while they await turns.

Teams will be introduced to outdoor environmental factors that affect odor hides — wind, temperature, surfaces.

REQUIREMENT: Dog must be on Birch Scent, and team has completed Intro to Scent.

Level 4 — Skill-Building and Fun Nose Work

This is a class where teams can try different types of hides, practice for ORT, improve leash handling skills, work thresholds, etc. Containers, interior, exterior and vehicle elements will be done.

REQUIREMENT: Team must be on Birch Scent and have completed the three core classes (Levels 1,2 and 3). Registration required.

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