• One of the benefits of club membership is the use of the yard to run your dogs. Therefore, you must be an APPROVED CLUB MEMBER to enjoy it. Anyone enrolled in one of our training classes may also use the yard during the 1/2 hour before or after their class. Members should give priority to class participants during these times, as these are the people who pay our bills.
  • To identify you to other club members, you MUST have a WDC Yard Permit hanging from the rear view mirror of your vehicle. These can be obtained from WDC’s Parking Pass Chairperson (Linda Allen) after you are an approved member. Club members who see a vehicle without a valid parking pass are instructed to call the Menasha Police Department.
  • Picking up after your dog(s) is VERY IMPORTANT. As you’re doing so, don’t hesitate to pick up any that is missed by someone else. Most likely you like how clean the yard is and it can only be kept that way through a joint effort of all of us.
  • If someone else is using the yard when you arrive be sure to ASK PERMISSION to bring your dog(s) in. Not every dog wants playmates.
  • If you are using the yard and choose to let your dog(s) play without new playmates, please be aware that there is a 15 MINUTE TIME LIMIT from the time the next person arrives. If no one is waiting, feel free to use the yard as long as you like.
  • For the safety of the dogs and people, please do not use LONG LINES on dogs and refrain from using PRONG COLLARS when dogs are playing with each other.
  • If the training center is rented out for a day or weekend, the yard will be closed since BUILDING RENTAL also INCLUDES the exclusive use of the YARD. Dates will be posted before the event either in the newsletter or on the bulletin board by the yard.
  • Occasionally the yard is SATURATED WITH WATER and dogs running and playing will tear up the lawn so during these times, the yard will be closed. It will be posted on the bulletin board near the entrance and on the website.
  • By adhering to these rules, we can all be assured that the yard will continue to be a place where we can enjoy some active time with our best friends.